At Apartments of Melbourne we have worked hard to dramatically improve both the quality and availability of internet in all of our apartments. Like our guests we see internet access as a critical service therefore we are introducing a guarantee. Effective from 14th April 2017, Apartments of Melbourne is offering a guarantee of a 5MB connection and a 95% uptime. We guarantee, if we can’t provide this and, can’t provide you with a solution within 60 minutes we will give you $25 for each night the service remains unavailable.

In reality most apartments at Collins Street are achieving a 20MB+ connection with some up to 100MB. At Northbank, most apartments are seeing a 12MB connection with some up to 30MB.

The guarantee starts the moment you speak with our team during our normal office hours of 11am to 7pm. From then we have 60 minutes to put the issue right. Most times, a simple restart of a modem will resolve things which we might ask you to do for us. As a failsafe we also have a number of 4G hotspots that we will put in place if needed to restore service.

Failing this, we will either credit your card with $25 for each affected night or, provide you a visa debit card for this amount depending on how you booked.

Our internet services are now provided by:

·        HarbourISP at Northbank

·        TPG Internet at Collins

·        Vivid Wireless as an emergency solution, powered by Optus

Australia averages a 8.2MB speed according to most reputable sources, see for more.