Some guests, not all, were affected by two evacuations at Northbank in the early hours of this morning. If you were affected, we’re sorry!

The good news is, everything worked as expected and, the evacuations were triggered correctly in accordance with the Building Code of Australia. I am pleased to advise there was no actual fire and, the sensors picked up an issue within the car park levels and identified correctly an evacuation may be needed. Accordingly, again in line with legislation, a staged evacuation was automatically triggered.

A staged evacuation affects only certain floors and escalates automatically if needed. Onsite security was supported by extra security staff attending and the Melbourne Fire Service. I also attended both evacuations and can confirm things went well. Under Australian Law, it is illegal to stop an evacuation or silence the alarm system once activated and, the only authority who can is the MFB who attended and did so.

In this tower at Northbank, these are the first evacuations I can think of in the past 18 months and, having two in one night is certainly something we haven’t experienced before.

Whilst these were inconvenient, they should be expected from time to time in a high-rise building, whether it is a hotel or self-contained apartments. The fact that everything worked correctly shows the importance of these systems and third-party management and support of them.

I want to personally thank you for your patience, no doubt like myself, you would have liked an uninterrupted sleep. Unfortunately, these things do happen from time to time in a high-rise building and, we’re sorry that this may have affected you! 

If our team can be of any assistance, please call 1300 88 99 30

Kind Regards

Neil Devonport

An update on the Air Conditioning system at Northbank

As you may be aware, on Australia Day, Fri 26th January our centrally controlled air conditioning system developed a mechanical issue. The system was running on reduced capacity between approximately 1pm Friday and 1pm today. 

Whilst it was still functional, the high humidity and, heat issues did compound the issue further.

Despite the public holiday, we were able to get technicians onsite yesterday and again this morning to deal with the issue due to the buildings service contract.

These issues were beyond our control and routine maintenance is carried out in line with the manufacturers recommendations and industry best practice. The system was serviced this month as usual and no faults or issues were identified during this service. 

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We are certainly very happy to see the temperature dropping in our apartments today!

If myself or any of our team can be of any further assistance, please call 1300 88 99 30

Cheers Neil, Rollo & the team!