We, a small local business based in Melbourne Australia, express our support for marriage equality, hear our voice and that of everyday Aussies who say, today is the time for change, today is the day for a fair go for all. 

We recognise that diversity makes workplaces stronger and more successful. We support the right of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) employees to work and live in environments free of prejudice and discrimination, enjoying the essential freedoms experienced by other employees and the broader community.

We believe that individual rights and liberties are critically important. They are essential in the creation of a healthy, harmonious and open society. An equitable society, free of discrimination, allows all employees to function at their best. This has obvious benefits for small businesses. Australia, a nation with a robust democratic tradition, would also benefit greatly from allowing all its citizens to be treated equally.

The Australian people are increasingly supportive of marriage equality, with a recent study showing 72 per cent believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. 

Globally, over 20 countries have passed laws to allow same-sex marriage, including our cousins in New Zealand, the United States of America, Ireland, Canada and Great Britain – which did so with lower support for marriage equality than Australia is seeing right now. Times have changed and we call on the Australian Parliament to reflect this.

Not only is marriage equality the only truly fair dinkum option, it is also a sound economic option, given that a happy workforce is a productive one. To remain competitive, and to attract top talent from around the world, organisations – and nations – must create a fair and respectful environment for all.

We provide accommodation to both international and domestic visitors, we provide this without discrimination and we provide this with equality in mind. Equality in the workplace works; Discrimination does not.

We support the right for all our employees to have equal opportunities in life. We therefore support marriage equality and will continue to work to create fairness for all.