Early Check In

Thanks for choosing to stay with us! Whilst you are welcome to request an early arrival and we will do our best to meet this need it's often impossible. There are two options for you;

  1. Pay for an early check in from 12.30pm till 3pm, its a lot like being a VIP on a budget
  2. Standby for an early check in and hope for the best

Pay for an early check in

For $25 we will move you to the front of our 'virtual line' and do our very best to get your apartment ready by 12.30pm. We can't give you an iron clad guarantee but its your best chance. Unfortunately we cannot assist guests arriving before 12pm as our checkout time is 11am and guests don't take it well if we toss them out of bed early.

Priority arrival times

We generally estimate paid priority arrivals will receive their one bedroom apartments at around 12.30pm and two bedroom apartments around 1pm. 

Standby for an early check in 

We are not saying No, we're just saying 'please standby'. As soon as your apartment is ready you will receive an SMS advising you to collect your key. Your apartment will be ready as soon as possible however delays may be experienced as we need to clean a number of apartments each day and we can't get all of them ready at once.

Why do we not have apartments instantly available?

If only this were possible, we would love to be able to press a button and hey presto, your apartment is ready, if you discover the secret to this please let us know!

Why charge a fee?

That's simple, we may need to jumble up our cleaners work flow, move them from one location to another and then back again, these costs need to be covered.

Can I get a refund?

If we cant get your room ready by the times above we will refund your payment.

Can I store my luggage?

If you are staying at either Northbank or Collins Street, we are happy to store your luggage at our Clubhouse from 11am to 7pm Mon to Sat, please note luggage not collected by this time will not be available until the next business day and luggage cannot be transferred to our apartments on your behalf. Luggage lockers are available at major stations including Southern Cross where the Skybus from Melbourne Airport arrives.