Divorce: What’s next? Melbourne Temporary Accommodation is available at Apartments of Melbourne

No one is ever prepared or would want to go through a divorce, but what to do if it comes to it?

It doesn’t matter if you are the partner that initiated the separation or not, there’s so much to do now and your head might be spinning trying to adjust to this new scenario and plan the next step. It’s an emotional time and requires a lot of planning and work.

The first thing you should do is take some time to think, and ask your partner to do the same. Love and relationships are not always easy, in some cases the routine takes control, the stress from work is constantly present and invades the relationship which will slowly create a barrier between the couple. With this in mind, take a break! Take a weekend just for you, plan all your favorite activities, make sure the weekend it’s all about you and nothing else. This will allow you to start clearing your mind of the stress surrounding you and help you understand yourself better so you can then understand your relationship better. After the “YOU” time it’s when the decisions will take place. If the divorce is the final answer then it’s time to start planning. In a magical world it will all go smoothly, you two will sit down for a conversation and organize everything quickly, wonderful! However this is not always the case. You have so much to take care of, finances, housing, assets, children… There’s a few steps you should consider to assist you during this emotional life event. Speak with a lawyer as soon as possible, gather all documents such as property titles, mortgage, bank account documents. Inform your bank, and if you have a jointed account, consider opening one in your name. In case you have children, contact Child Support and speak with your lawyer about the possible scenarios.

During this process, living under the same roof can possibly work if you are separating in good terms and still have a good relationship but still can generate conflicts and unnecessary emotional crises. You should consider a temporary accommodation so your thinking won’t be impaired by emotions of sharing a home with your no longer partner during this difficult time where both of you need space. And the most important: seek for support and guidance. Divorce is a major emotional life event that can impair your judgment and your clear thinking. Keep family and friends close but consider the support from professional to guide you through this process.

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